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by Venture Inward on March 26, 2017

Every Friday – April 7, 14, 21, 28 – Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle – Every Friday Circle includes Psychic mediums to “tune in to” the spirit energy in our Circles and give psychic mini-readings to all who attend. You may receive a message from a departed loved one or a psychic message of insight and inspiration. Also, you will learn firsthand how to connect with your own intuition and psychic ability as we share psychic messages and impressions for each attendee…and you get to enjoy the relaxation and de-stressing of guided meditations. (For entertainment only!)  Cost: $13.  Walk-ins always welcome!  7:00-9:30PM.

Every First Friday, April 7 – FREE 20 minute Reiki offered with PAID attendance to Message Circle!  Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique, which reduces stress and promotes healing by balancing the body’s energy system. Reiki can be the perfect complementary therapy for many issues you may be experiencing.  Reiki practitioners and energy workers work together to bring relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, which helps to relieve stress, bringing renewed wellness to body/mind/spirit.  Cost: Your 20 minute session is Free with your Paid Admission to the Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle which is only $13!  Walk-ins always welcome!  6:00-6:45PM.

Every First Friday, April 7 – Healing Meditation followed by & Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle – Enjoy the clearing, balancing & healing energy of our Reiki sessions with a Guided Healing Meditation to help reduce stress, promote relaxation that can help with renewing the body, mind and spirit.  Healing Meditation is followed by our Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle. Cost: $13. Walk-ins always welcome!  7:00-9:30PM.

Saturday, April 8 – Heart Music Medicine/Sound Healing – A Shamanic Journey in Sound for Spirit, Body & Mind – True Sound Healing nourishes our being & brings us to a place of peace & attunement where inner healing may guide us on a profound journey of heart/soul/body/mind.  Experience the awakened gift of master practitioner Rich Goodhart & let the Sound take you to Source & feed your soul using Primal Earth Gong, Himalayan Singing Bowls & Cosmic-Sonic Trance Banjo. Facilitator: Shamanic Sound Healing Master Rich Goodhart.   This is a 2 Part Program.  Part 1: 10:30-12:00:  Qigong For Body & Chanting For Mind AND Part II  1:30-3:30:  Spirit Sound Medicine For Spirit..  You can take one or both Parts.  Cost:  $25 for AM program / $30 for PM program.  Entire Program:  $45 if paid by Tuesday 4/4 Or $ 50 at door.   RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED!

Every Second Monday, April 10 – Stress Relief…!! with Meditation on Breathing – Learn a simple and easy, portable, convenient meditative process!  The meditation can be done lying down, sitting, standing, walking, working and especially to help you fall into a deep restorative sleep, and help relieve anxiety, chronic pains, stress and more. Facilitator: Suryanarayana Chennapragada. Cost: $ 12.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!  6:30-8:30PM.

Tuesday, April 11 – “When Animals Talk” A Presentation & Fundraiser for “Caring About the Strays.” Have you ever been curious about what your PETS may have to say? Have you ever wondered about how they feel, or their likes and dislikes? Learn what your dear pets and animal friends are saying to you; learn how to communicate with, and recognize, your pets’ moods, messages, likes and dislikes and enjoy your very special relationship with your pets even more! If you’re an animal lover, don’t miss this awesome Animal Communication event and learn how to enjoy and deepen your very special relationship with your pets more than ever!  Humans only, please! ALL monies received directly support “CaringAboutTheStrays,” a 501(c)(3) Non-profit. Includes a 50/50 Raffle & Door Prizes!  Facilitator: David Louis. Donation: $14.   RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!  6:30-8:30PM.

Every Second Thursday, April 13 – Past Life/Future Life/In-between Lives – 6 Session Class – In each class, you will experience a “past life regression” hypnosis, and “journey” into another time, experience, lifetime and/or dimension that has relevance to a current life challenge. By examining this experience in a deeply meditative/hypnotic state, you can remove stumbling blocks and begin to resolve underlying issues that may be preventing you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your life’s purpose. Co-Facilitators: Marge Kaufman & Bob McGrath. 6:30-9:00PM.

Every Third Tuesday, April 18 – Reiki Share – Open to all Reiki practitioners with Level  I & above. [[-Share / strengthen / improve your skills. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to both give/ receive full hour treatment. Facilitator: Bob McGrath, Reiki Master & Teacher. Participation/Overhead Fee: $7.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. 6:30-8.00PM

Wednesday, April 19 – FR*EE!  Workshop – Bring out YOUR best with Your ZODIAC Sign’s Unique Essential Oil! Every Essential Oil is unique to a particular Zodiac sign and can help a person born under that sign enhance their attributes, skills, characteristics that can help to bring health, healing, success, joy, love to your life. The 12 horoscopes are intrinsically linked to natural healing, and discovering YOUR unique essential oil can soothe, rejuvenate, empower, uplift, and enhance the body/mind/spirit.  So…regardless of whether the potential power of Zodaic signs is debunked or believable, there’s no denying that exploring celestial guidance can be fun, entertaining, even insightful and even helpful when you’re making a big decision, dating a new person, getting that promotion, bringing health and wellness to your life by utilizing your very special Essential Oil.  Door prizes & Free Random Give-aways! Co-facilitators: Glenn Kakely/Shana Horn/Marge Kaufman.  Cost: FREE!  RESERVATIONS Highly SUGGESTED, BUT NOT NECESSARY!  6:30-8:30PM.

Saturday, April 22 – Self-Defense Teens/Young Women/ALL Women: A young woman is never more at risk for unwanted attention / attack / assault / harassment in her life than during her teenage years.  And….yes…it is happening in our…in YOUR area…the Capital Region. “People never suspect it’s going to happen, but it happens to someone every day and night.” This is a safe, fun, and exciting 3-hour course; professionally-designed program with fully trained instructors that includes simplified, effective and street-smart strategies & one-on-one practice. You’ll learn essential skills needed to protect yourself /your loved ones. Includes: Recognizing dangers/Risk avoidance/De-escalation techniques/Drugs and alcohol awareness/ School/campus safety/Situational awareness & MORE! “Women, who learn to defend themselves, know how to get away from an attacker because they know how to take their own safety seriously, rather than following an unsubstantiated list of don’ts and warnings, i.e. “don’t wear this, don’t go there,  don’t be alone.”  Instead, they learn how to realistically assess situations / become aware of their surroundings / identify situations that could potentially be dangerous / and, most importantly, they possess the skills and ability to respond if necessary.”  Instructor: John Borter. Cost:  $30 (family discounts available.  Held at ABC Women’s Self-Defense Academy, 1237 Central Avenue, Suite 210, Albany, RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! 12 Noon-3:00PM.

Every Fourth Monday, April 24 – The Key to Better Relationships! Do You Feel You Are not Understood?  Ever Feel Bullied?  Learn how to be assertive with people who emotionally disparage/belittle us, act irrationally/crazily; even lie habitually and more. Learn skills to help you to stop yielding helplessly/disagreeing viciously/picking a fight/even ending a relationship.  Through awareness and understanding of different perspectives and discovering/implementing powerful tools and techniques…these relationships can improve and even thrive!  Facilitator: Suryanarayana Chennapragada. Cost: $12. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!  6:30-8:30PM

Tuesday, April 25 – Quit Smoking with Hypnosis- Guaranteed!  In just a little over 2 relaxing hours, you can join the thousands who have comfortably & naturally stopped smoking with Hypnosis & you can SAVE more than $3,000 per year if you currently smoke just one pack a day! It’s easy, safe, effortless & GUARANTEED!  Facilitator: Margaret Kaufman, Certified Hypnotist, American Smoking Cessation Facilitator. Cost: $88, but if you Pre-pay one week ahead at you save $8 & pay only $80).  Your fee Includes a FREE  Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & other support materials and your ability to return any time (6 months or 6 years later) for FREE reinforcement  any time you feel it might be necessary!  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. 6:30-9:00PM

Wednesday, April 26 – Stress No More! Zpoint and the Power of a New Moon!  Begin to feel happier and more peaceful virtually right away. Want to experience greater peace? Learn how to cope with all the negativity and craziness around you? Zpoint is a meditative clearing, healing process which quickly and safely releases negative and counterproductive patterns / beliefs/feelings that keep us from being who we truly are.  Zpoint can help you enjoy a happier vibrational state & feel better   and better. If you are ready for relief from feelings, stress and discomfort which causes you pain and limits your ability to respond to life from your best self, Zpoint  is for you!  Together with Charlene’s guidance & the Power of the New Moon, you can set new intentions, desire and goals & discover how unseen powers and energies can open the door to magical change by helping you to embrace your uniqueness & your God given inner wisdom to create the best possible outcome for YOU.  Facilitator: Charlene Liberata Therrien. Cost: $18.   RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED, BUT NOT NECESSARY!  7:00-9:00PM.

Every Fourth Friday, April 28 – Talking to Your Angels Program and Angel Message Circle – We are all surrounded by Guardian Angels. Learn to recognize your own guardian angels & how you can begin or enhance a real and personal relationship with your angels so that you can feel their presence in your everyday life.  Angel Meditation will be followed by our Meditation and Angel/Spirit/Psychic Message Circle.  Cost: $13. Walk-ins always welcome!  7:00-9:30PM.


Here’s What’s Coming Up…..!!!

Wednesday, May 3 – Psychic Fair – ONE Day Only!  3:00 to 8:00PM – We have several NEW Psychic Mediums along with our Popular Favorites Available for YOU to discover what lies ahead for you in your life!  Discover what lies ahead for you!  You just might find out what’s in store in love, health, career, finances, happiness, relationships, family & more! Readings available: psychic, psychic medium, spirit guides, departed loved ones, tarot cards, and more.  Readings are 15 to 30 minutes – starting at $24 but with every 30 minute reading, you’ll receive a $13 coupon to attend Friday Psychic Message Circle FREE!  Visit our website to print out a coupon to save $$2 to $4…& if you pre-pay by Monday, May 1, you’ll save additional $4 off a 30 minute reading!  NO RESERVATIONS / WALK-INS WELCOME!  3:00-8:00PM. (For entertainment only!)

Saturday, May 20 – Reiki Training Level I – Become a certified Reiki Level I Practitioner! Unlock your natural abilities for healing yourself, your friends, your family and others.  Class is a mixture of instruction and hands-on practice.  Facilitator: Bob McGrath, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual/Psychic Medium.  Cost: $150.  Seating limited.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.  9:030AM-4:30PM.

Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18 – Clinical Hypnosis Training Course – Level I – This Course can change your life in many, many ways, including:  increase your income/help you begin a new career OR expand your current practice as a social worker, therapist, massage therapist AND enhance your life in many ways! Learn the powerful techniques of hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help yourself and others. You will also learn how to set up a Hypnosis practice as a new career and livelihood.  Instructor: Dr. David Frederick.  Tuition: $295, but if paid by 6/2 Cost $275.  9:00AM-4:30PM.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.


568 Columbia Turnpike (Rts 9&20) #16 VanDenHouten Square (back entrance)
East Greenbush NY 12061 (Only minutes from downtown Albany!)
Info: 518 477-6566

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