Jumping June 2016 Calendar

by Venture Inward on May 28, 2016

Introducing New Theme Every Friday Evening starting in June!

1st Friday – Theme is Healing – Free Reiki 6:00 – 6:45 followed by Healing Meditation and Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle
2nd Friday – Theme is Half Price – Bring a Friend & One pays Half Price – only $6 – followed by Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle
3rd Friday – Theme is Séance – Bring a Photo or Object of Deceased Loved One for Spirit Messages from beyond followed by Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle
4th Friday – Theme is Talking to Your Angels – Connect to Your Own Guardian Angel – Followed by Angel Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle Program
5th Friday – Theme is Half Price – Bring a Friend & One pays Half Price – only $6 – followed by Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle

Every Friday Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle Follows and/or Includes Friday Special Theme – June 3, 10, 17, 24 – Psychic mediums are in attendance to “tune in to” the spirit energy in our Circles and give psychic mini-readings to all who attend. You may receive a message from a departed loved one or a psychic message of insight and inspiration. Also, you will learn firsthand how to connect with your own intuition and psychic ability as we share psychic messages and impressions for each attendee…and you get to enjoy the relaxation and de-stressing of guided meditations. Cost: $13. Walk-ins always welcome! 7:00-9:30PM.

Every First Friday – June 3 – FREE Reiki – Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique, which reduces stress and promotes healing by balancing the body’s energy system. Reiki can be the perfect complementary therapy for any issues you may be experiencing. Reiki practitioners and energy workers work together to bring relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, which helps to relieve stress, bringing renewed wellness to body/mind/spirit. Cost: Your 10 to 20 minute session is FREE! Walk-ins always welcome! 6:00-6:45PM.

Friday June 3 – Healing Meditation followed by & Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle – Enjoy the clearing, balancing & healing energy of our Reiki sessions with a Guided Healing Meditation to help reduce stress, promote relaxation that can help with renewing the body, mind and spirit. Healing Meditation is followed by our Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle. Cost: $13. Walk-ins always welcome! 7:00-9:30PM.

Tuesday, June 7 – Quit Smoking with Hypnosis – Guaranteed! In just a little over 2 relaxing hours, ou can join the many who have comfortably & naturally stopped smoking with Hypnosis & you can SAVE more than $3,000 per year if you currently smoke just one pack a day! It is easy, safe, effortless & guaranteed. If you ever start smoking again..6 months or years late, return for FREE reinforcement – Or come for as many sessions as you need to be sure you have quit forever for FREE! Facilitator: Margaret Kaufman, Certified Hypnotist, American Smoking Cessation Facilitator. Cost: $88 – Includes FREE Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & other support materials (group rates available) or pre-pay one week in advance at QuitSmokingAlbany.com and pay only $80. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! 6:30-9:00PM.

Friday, June 10 – Our Bring a Friend & One pays Half Price – only $6 – Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle – Cost: $13. Walk-ins always welcome! 7:00-9:30PM.

Every Second Monday, June 13 – Stress Relief…!! with Gentle Yoga & Meditation on Breathing – On-going Monthly Program to Enhance Your Mind / Body / Spirit and Relationships -If you have always wanted to learn how to relax, how to meditate, how to do simple Yoga techniques to feel calm, centered and less stressed …then this class is for YOU! You’ll learn how to ‘Meditate on breathing’ and Practice Gentle Yoga-based movements of fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, face, eyes, toes, ankles, knees, hips and waist. Bring a Yoga mat, if you have one, but it’s not necessary! Come in comfortable clothing! Offered by Suryanarayana Chennapragada, Aka ‘C S”/Author of countingbreaths.com Cost: $30 for 3 classes/Walk-ins for $12. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! 6:30-8.00 PM.

Wednesday, June 15 – FREE Aromatherapy Workshop “ALL ABOUT LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL” You’ll be shocked when you learn all the things this “Swiss army knife” of oils can do! Some call it the “Mommy” oil as Lavender does everything, just like Mom did! Lavender is calming, relaxing, balancing – physically & emotionally / it reduces mental stress and increases alertness / has healing ability – promotes tissue regeneration, wound healing, helps scarring / its a relaxant, antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory / great for acne, psoriasis, burns, hair loss, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, nervous tension, PMS, respiratory infections & even learn its relationship to the Zodiac and your own sign & how Lavender balances the Chakras ! FREE samples of Lavender Essential Oil to attendees! Facilitators: Shana Horn & Glenn E. Kakely, Essential Oils Wellness Warrior! Cost: FREE! RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED, BUT NOT NECESSARY! 6:30-8:00PM.

Friday, June 17- Séance – Please Bring a Photo or Object of Deceased Loved One for Spirit Messages from Beyond – followed by Spirit Communication/Psychic Message Circle where Psychic Mediums may connect to those in the Spirit World to bring messages of love, comfort and encouragement. Cost: $13. Walk-ins always welcome! 7:00-9:30PM.

Every Third Tuesday, June 21 – FREE Reiki Share – Open to all Reiki practitioners with Level I & above. Share / strengthen / improve your skills. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to both give/ receive full hour treatment. Facilitator: Bob McGrath, Reiki Master & Teacher, Hypnotist. Cost: FREE ! RESERVATIONS REQUIREDED! 6:30-8:30PM.

Thursday, June 23 – Using Pendulums to Enhance your Life! Pendulums have been used for thousands of centuries for healing, finding lost items, finding minerals, finding water, & more. Discover how to communicate with energies that surround you and your subconscious by using a pendulum. Learn different techniques to allow you to get clear and concise answers using your pendulum as a guide and you’ll learn techniques that go beyond simple Yes and No answers by learning how to ask clear questions and how to disengage from your emotions in order to get accurate information. Facilitator: Shanna Adams. Bring your own pendulum if you have one! Or we’ll have weights that can be used as a pendulum if you don’t have one, or you can purchase a pendulum for an additional $10 while supplies last. Cost: $15 RESERVATIONS Suggested! 6:30-8:30PM.

Every Last Friday, June 24 – Talking to Your Angels Program and Angel Message Circle – We are all surrounded by Guardian Angels. Learn to recognize your own guardian angels & how you can begin or enhance a real and personal relationship with your angels so that you can feel their presence in your everyday life. Angel Meditation will be followed by our angel, spirit and psychic message circle. Cost: $12. Walk-ins always welcome! 7:00-9:30PM.

Saturday & Sunday, June 25 & 26 – Natural Remedies & Therapeutic Protocols – Learn how to heal yourself, others & even your pets! Learn: Natural Approaches of treatment/prevention of Depression/Lyme’s Disease/Alzheimer’s/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain/Diabetes/Cardiovascular Disease/ADD & ADHD/Cancer & How to Prevent Metastasis/Migraine Headaches /Psoriasis /Anxiety/Stress/Remove Wrinkles & Look Younger/ overview of the positive and negative effects of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cell salts /Special acupuncture pressure points for constipation, pain relief,hiccups, bloody nose/ learn how the four whites contribute to ill health& how water colas are two of the deadliest neuro-toxins that effect your body 7 so much more. Facilitator: Dr. David A, Frederick, PhD is an International Renowned, Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician & President of World Institute of Integrative Health Sciences. Cost of 2 full days of education: $ 345 Or $249 if paid in advance. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! 9:00AM – 4:00PM both days.

Monday, June 27 – Lose Weight with Hypnosis – Discover how hypnosis can change your negative eating habits into positive, healthy eating behaviors through sub-conscious reprogramming. Hypnosis can help eliminate your cravings for sweets & carbs and break your compulsive/habitual eating habits…so you can attain and maintain your ideal weight! On-Going Lose Weight Hypnosis Sessions meets every other month for continuing reinforcement. Facilitator: Margaret Kaufman, Certified Clinical Hypnotist. Cost: $22. Your 1st Session will include a FREE Weight Loss Hypnosis CD for first time attendees. Seating limited, RESERVE YOUR SEAT

Wednesday & Thursday, June 29 & 30 – Psychic Fair – Discover what lies ahead for you the rest of the Year! Get insight into love, money, career, family, friends, health, even your pets and more! Readings available: psychic, psychic medium, spirit guides, departed loved ones, tarot cards, runes stones and more! (For entertainment only!). Readings are 15 to 30 minutes – starting at $24. Walk-ins welcome! 3:30-8:00PM both days. With EVERY 30 Minute Reading (either Wednesday or Thursday) Receive a $ 13 coupon for any Spirit Communication/Psychic Message Circle!

568 Columbia Turnpike (Rts 9&20) #16 VanDenHouten Square (back entrance)
East Greenbush NY 12061 (Only minutes from downtown Albany!)
Info: 518 477-6566

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