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[wp-fontastic type=”css_font” name=”Verdana” size=”28px” lh=”31px” color=”#510078″ shadow=”1_1_2_rgb(78, 78, 78)”]with Animal Psychics & Intuitive Guides – Suzanne Slater & Sarah Slater [/wp-fontastic]

Our animals are talking to us! Find out what your animals are saying to you!? Learn how to communicate with, and recognize, your pets? moods, messages, likes, dislikes, and enjoy your time with your animals more than ever!

Many people have found this workshop to be a life changer as it naturally opens up your inner innate, intuitive, HEART FELT abilities to be able to speak to and communicate with your pets and all animals. Learn skills that are transferable and useful in communication with all of life.

[highlighter color=”yellow-vibrant” ]This workshop meets Second Tuesday of every month
7:00 ? 8:30PM??? Price: $20/person, $30/couple[/highlighter]

We are often unaware of how much communication happens between ourselves and our animals. Have you ever wondered why your cat is staring at you intensively or why your dog is barking a lot? Well, they have their reasons!

In this class, you will receive a message from your beloved animal, and receive your own good luck, wise, Native American animal totem message!

Both Suzanne and Sarah have worked with animals throughout their lives as animal psychics, intuitive life coaches, equestrians, horse trainers, and stable owners, and have a deep passion for sharing and passing their knowledge to others. Their mission is to promote humaneness and improve the understanding of the communication between humans and animals.

[highlighter color=”yellow-vibrant” ]Reservations suggested![/highlighter] ? Contact: Suzanne Slater 518-712-5021