Natural Pain Management and Chronic Disease Certification Program

by Venture Inward on April 5, 2009

happywoman.png Natural Techniques in Pain Management and Chronic Disease – Full Certification Program

 Saturday, April 25 & Sunday, April 26 9am to 4pm


An overview of Immunology and how to increase T Cell count by 200%! HIV and AIDS, Imagery and AIDS treatment, techniques to strengthen the Immune system through Clinical Imagery and special Qi Gong exercises with special acupressure points for pain. Oncology: Learn about Natural Cancer Treatments and how emotional trauma effects. Cancer. Amazing and simple techniques for working with Cancer patients. Stress: Discover an exciting simple biofeedback technique and ancient Chinese art of breath exercise for balancing Qi (chee) Energy. Facts and treatments using Hypnotherapy/NLP for Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Burns, Chronic Pain, Pre & Post Operative procedures, Child Birth, Children, Carpel Tunnel, Kidney/Gallbladder Stones.

During this class you will be introduced to many rapid techniques for removing chronic pain in just under five minutes. A technique to help the subconscious to trigger a change in cancer cells and create a paradigm shift using the fabulous “FLASH Imagery” technique to erase cellular memory with chronic pain, Massage Therapists save 60% of your physical energy while working with your clients, plus much more!

If you have ever wanted to help reduce or stop pain without drugs, this course is for you!

Special Tuition Price is just $235.00! (If Paid in full one week prior to course date)

$295.00 at the door. Take advantage of this special price. Regular price for this course is $395.00

  • Take home exam and three case studies required to receive a gold stamped certification diploma .
  • CEU’s may be available. Check with your organization.

Space is Limited….so reserve now!

Call – 518-477-6566

Instructor : David A. Frederick Ph.D.

Dr. David A. Frederick is a internationally known lecturer and educator. He holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, a Doctorate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a degree in Naturopathy and Doctor of Homeopath Medicine with a Post Graduate in Homeopathy from the British Institute Of Homeopathy. Consultant at Regis University, and is a fellow of American College of Forensic Examiners under Psychological Specialities, Fellow: International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture and the Royal Society of Medicine, London, England. Dr. Frederick has traveled extensively throughout the world studying the customs, religion & psychology of its people. Dr. Frederick is the delegation leader for the U.S. Ambassadors Program for Natural Health Sciences to the People’s Republic of China, Board of Advisors of the National Association of Transpersonal Psychology & the NY Association for Hypnotherapy. Dr. Frederick is the President of the World Institute of Integrative Health Science and is the official U.S. administration offices for the Open International University for Complementary and Alternative Medicines. He is the adjunct Academic Dean for Westbrook University.

This is the only time this course will be taught in this area this year!

Call – 518-477-6566 or 717-560-5609 for more information and reservations


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Carol Makowski

Yet another exremely interesting, informative, and fun educational program – taught by Dr. David Frederick who is a wealth of information regarding just about everything to do with wellness – and then some. I am very appreciative that Marge brings such wonderful programs to this Center which attract such high energy people who are fun to be with. Thanks to Dr. Dave; thanks to Marge; thanks to my classmates who added to the experience.

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