Special Holiday Reduced Price Psychic Fair

*** Burning Bowl Ceremony Tuesday, January 7

Every Friday – December 6, 13, 20, 27, – Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle – You can enjoy the comfort of just receiving  Psychometry & Circle Messages as an attendee OR you can participate in sharing Messages as you learn firsthand how to connect with your own intuition and psychic ability. Our Friday Circles include Psychic mediums to “tune in to” the spirit energy in our Circles and give psychic mini-readings to all who attend. You may receive a message from a departed loved one or a psychic message of insight and inspiration & enjoy the relaxation and de-stressing of guided meditations.  (For entertainment only!)  Cost: $15.Walk-ins always welcome!  7:00-9:15 PM.                                   

Friday, December 6 – Every First Friday – FREE – Reiki Session with PAID admission to Healing Meditation & Psychic Message Circle!  Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique, which reduces stress and promotes healing by balancing the body’s energy system. Reiki can be the perfect complementary therapy for many issues you may be experiencing.  Reiki practitioners work to bring relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, which helps to relieve stress, bringing renewed wellness to body/mind/spirit.  To enjoy your FREE session, please arrive @ 6PM to take advantage of our Reiki Healing Bonus. Walk-ins always welcome! 6:00-6:45PM.

Tuesday, December 10 – Quit Smoking with Hypnosis- Guaranteed!  In just a little over 2 relaxing hours, you can join the thousands who have comfortably & naturally stopped smoking with Hypnosis & you can SAVE more than $3,000 per year if you currently smoke just one pack a day! It’s easy, safe, effortless & GUARANTEED!  Facilitator: Margaret Kaufman, Certified Hypnotist, American Smoking Cessation Facilitator.Cost:$80 Pre-paid 1week ahead @www.QuitSmokingAlbany.com OR $ 88 at door. Fee includes FREE Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & other support materials and your ability to return any time (6 months or even 6 years later) for FREEreinforcement any time. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED 6:30-9:00PM.

Wednesday – December 11 AND Every Second Wednesday!  Receive a 30 Minute Reiki/Healing/De-Stressing Session for Only $15!  This is for Anyone Who Would Like to Receive a 30 Minute Reiki /Therapeutic Touch Healing Session & We Also Welcome Any Certified Reiki/ Healing/ Energy/ Practitioner.  Our Energy practitioners work to bring relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, which helps to relieve stress, bringing renewed wellness to body/mind/spirit. Cost of Healing Session: $15 for 30 minute session. Bring a friend and you both get a session for $15! All Practitioners are FREE! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by noon on day of Program. 7:00-8:30PM.

Thursday, December 12 – Medium Adam Bernstein – Message Gallery – Connect with those have crossed over in a group Mediumship Gallery session.  EVERYONE IS GUARANTEED A MESSAGE! Adam often brings through factual information (names /humor/ anecdotes) to the audience members from family, friends, and even pets, who are on the other side of life.  These sessions are joyful reunions to celebrate the Circle of Life & can be very healing as the participants learn death is not the final stop on our journey, but life continues behind the veil. Take this heart centered, joyful journey and learn that love never dies as Adam works through a vibration of positiveness and love to ensure uplifting and encouraging experiences for everyone. Adam Bernstein – Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach with International following.  Cost: $28. Reservations Required!  SEATS FILL UP FASTSO Register or CALL NOW! (Readings are for entertainment only!)  6:30-9:00PM

Tuesday, December 17 – Special Holiday Reduced Price Readings @ Psychic FairTwo 15 minute Psychic Readings with 2 Different Psychics for Only $36  OR one 15 minute reading for $24. (website  coupon discount does not apply to Reduced Price Readings!) Enjoy several NEW Psychic Mediums along with our Popular Favorites. You just might find out what’s in store for 2020!  Readings: psychic, astrology, psychic medium, spirit guides, departed loved ones, tarot cards, and more.  With every 30 minute reading, receive a $15 coupon to attend Friday Psychic Message Circle FREE! (Readings for entertainment only!) Walk-ins Welcome!  3:00 to 8:00PM

Tuesday, December 17 – SPECIAL  OFFERING – Hypnotic Reiki Healing/Spirit Messaging Session with Bob McGrath at Psychic Fair ONLY Using the combined power of Hypnotherapy & light touch Reiki healing, these 1 hour sessions on massage table in our new private Reiki Room quickly takes you to a deeply relaxed alpha state which is especially conducive to both physical and emotional healing.  The Universal Life Force energy of Reiki is used to clear blockages from the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras, during which time Bob often receives messages from Spirit to be shared for further healing and growth. There are  Only 4 of these 1 hour sessions & only available at the Fair. 

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.  Must reserve appointment time by calling  518 477-6566.  Cost: $75. First Apt.@ 3PM.

Every Fourth Friday, Friday, December 27 – Spend An Evening with Your Angels.  Angel  Meditation  & Angel Message Circle. We are all surrounded by Guardian Angels. Learn to recognize your own guardian angels & how you can begin or enhance a real and personal relationship with your angels so that you can feel their presence in your everyday life. You may receive a message from your guardian angel/s, a departed loved one or a psychic message of insight and inspiration. Also, you get to enjoy meeting your guardian angel in the angel meditation and enjoy the relaxation de-stressing of meditation!  Cost: $15. Walk-ins always welcome!  7:00-9:15 PM.

Tuesday, January 7 – Burning Bowl Ceremony – The Burning Bowl Ceremony is a symbolic way to cleanse our lives/rid ourselves of old thoughts/experiences/old pictures in our heads, replacing them with new ways of viewing ourselves. Via guided meditation /hypnosis process, you’ll experience a 2019 life review to examine the direction you intended at the start of 2019; review the path/s you actually took; becoming aware of what could have done differently to have brought more joy, happiness, fulfillment, health, prosperity. Having become aware of thoughts, relationships, roadblocks, negativity, situations that prevented you from living your ideal, you then write it down & release it into the Burning Bowl…creating freedom to create a new direction for 2020 unencumbered by the past, so that new doors open & opportunities present themselves in ways you never imagined!  Facilitator: Marge Kaufman. Cost: $25. 7:00-9:00PM. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED, BUT this Program fills quickly, so Reserve Now! 7:00-9:00PM.

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