Every Friday Evening ? February 7, 14, 21, 28 – Psychic Messages / Meditation / S?ance / Spirit Communication Circles – Psychic mediums are in attendance to “tune in to” the spirit energy in our Circles and give psychic mini-readings to all who attend. You may receive a message from a departed loved one or a psychic message of insight and inspiration. Also, you will learn firsthand how to connect with your own intuition and psychic ability as we share psychic messages and impressions for each attendee…and you get to enjoy the relaxation and de-stressing of guided meditations.
Cost: $10.?? Walk-ins always welcome!

Wednesday, February 5 – 2014 is the Year to keep your New Year?s Resolution ? Quit Smoking with Hypnosis – Guaranteed!? In just a little over 2 relaxing hours, you can join the many who have comfortably & naturally stopped smoking with Hypnosis & you can SAVE more than $3,000 per year if you currently smoke just one pack a day! It is easy, safe, effortless & effective & you have everything to gain….your health, money, energy and many more years to enjoy life!? If you ever start smoking again?6 months later?.or 6 years later?you can return for FREE reinforcement – Or you can come for as many sessions as you need to be sure you have quit forever for FREE!? Facilitator: Margaret Kaufman, Certified Hypnotist, American Smoking Cessation Facilitator.
Cost:? $88 – Includes FR**EE Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & other support materials (group rates available) or pre-pay one week in advance at www.QuitSmokingAlbany.com and pay only $80.??RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

Every First Friday – February 7 – FR**EE Reiki Sessions – Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique, which reduces stress and promotes healing by balancing the body?s energy system. Reiki can be the perfect complementary therapy for any issues you may be experiencing. Energy workers and Reiki practitioners work together to help to bring relaxation, balance and rejuvenation to relieve stress and bring renewed wellness to body/mind/spirit.
Cost: Reiki session is FR**EE!

Special Event Friday – February 7 – Past Lives and Soul Evolution Workshop Discover how many lives you have lived/measure your soul?s evolution progress/how to measure a person?s true intent/ Determine if a person is influenced by the conscious and/or subconscious programming or outside spiritual energy/work with a pendulum to determine your health and/or determine if a person has positive or negative tendencies.? Learn how to use an exclusive time line measuring tape and charts. (You will receive your own measuring tape and charts for future readings).? Bring photos of friends, relatives (even politicians/government officials, co-workers, neighbors) and we will do psychometric readings to determine who they really are. ?Facilitator:? Dr. David Frederick.
Cost:? Special workshop price $16

Saturday & Sunday, February 8 & 9, 2014 – Chinese & French Auricular Therapy Certification Class Enhance your health and/or expand your therapy practice with You Heard About it on Dr. Oz….Dr. Oz, the Cleveland Clinic among others are espousing how you can stimulate spots on the ear (acupressure) for weight loss, stress reduction, pain relief, headache relief, soothe a hangover, enhance metabolism, eliminate hunger and cravings, improve your mood…and so much more! In this first-time offered Dr. Frederick Course in our area, you can learn a Non-Invasive Approach to Acupuncture Principles using the Ear.? Don?t miss this opportunity & one of a kind course!? Facilitator:? Dr. David Frederick
Cost: This two day Auricular Course is just $285 OR you may take just day one for $ 145 OR? pre-pay for both days by January 31 & pay only $235 for the complete course & your Certification in Chinese/French Auricular Therapy – Level 1
9:00AM-4:00PM both days

Every Second Monday ? February 10 ? S?ance & Spirit Session Message CircleThis S?ance is designed specifically for communing more closely with Spirit.? Enjoy a guided meditation followed by Spirit Communication.? These circles will focus on deepening your awareness and connection with Spirit and will help you to hone your skills through direct communication while heightening your experience of Spirit-receiving direct, affirming and uplifting guidance from Spirit.
Facilitator: Reverend Julie MacDonald, Psychic Medium & Channel.
Cost: $10.

Thursday, February 13 & 20 – Alchemy of Love WorkshopBeyond the Valentine lays the Alchemy of Love.? This 2 part class will examine the powerful astrological energies that help us find who we are compatible with and who we should avoid! One?s personal energy, the Sun in your chart needs to get along with the emotional nature of the other (the Moon) or there will be emotional unhappiness and distress.? Each attendee will receive their birth chart & individualized interpretation of the most important aspects of their love life.? Bring your date, time, location of your birth for the most accurate reading!
Facilitator:? Reverend Thomas F. Kearns. ?RESERVATIONS REQUIRED
Cost:? $40 for both classes

Every Third Tuesday ? February 18 – Reiki Share? – Open to all Reiki practitioners with Level I & above training. Share, strengthen and improve your skills. Each Reiki practitioner will have the opportunity to both give & receive a full hour treatment. Facilitator: Bob McGrath.
Cost: While there is no charge for Reiki sharing, a $5 donation to defray rent/utilities is appreciated, but not necessary!?? ?RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

Every Last Tuesday, February 25 – Lose Weight with HypnosisDiscover how hypnosis can change your negative eating habits into positive, healthy eating behaviors through sub-conscious reprogramming. Hypnosis can help eliminate your cravings for sweets & carbs and break your compulsive/habitual eating habits…so you can attain and maintain your ideal weight! On-Going Lose Weight Hypnosis Sessions last Tuesday of every month.? Facilitator: Margaret E. Kaufman, Certified Clinical Hypnotist.
Cost: $22?? Your 1st Session will include a FR**EE Weight Loss Hypnosis CD for first time attendees.? RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.???Seating limited, so reserve your spot early!
7:00?8:30 PM

Every Last Friday – February 28 – Talking to Your Angels Program and Angel Message Circle – We are all surrounded by Guardian Angels. Learn to recognize your own guardian angels & how you can begin or enhance a real and personal relationship with your angels so that you can feel their presence in your everyday life. Angel Meditation will be followed by our spirit and psychic message circle.
Cost: $10.

Coming in March!

  • Using Pendulums to Enhance Your Life – Shanna Adams
  • Stress Relief by Focusing on Your Breathing – Suryanarayana Chennapragada
  • Learn How to Cleanse Your Home or any Environment of Negative Energy: Haunting & ouseHouse Blessings – Father Billy Clark
  • Using Laughter to Heal with Our ?Joke? Circle & Meditation – Marge Kaufman

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