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Wednesday, October 3 – Psychic Fair – ONE Day Only!? 3:00 to 8:00PM – We have several NEW Psychic Mediums along with our Popular Favorites Available for YOU to discover what lies ahead for you in your life!? Discover what lies ahead for you!??You just might find out what?s in store in love, health, career, finances, happiness, relationships, family & more! Readings available: psychic, psychic medium, spirit guides, departed loved ones, tarot cards, and more.? Readings are 15 to 30 minutes – starting at $24 and with EACH? 15 minute Reading, you?ll receive a $15 coupon to attend Friday Psychic Message Circle for FREE!? Visit website for coupon (Click Here) to save $2 to $4 (Readings for entertainment!).? Walk-ins always welcome!

Wednesday, October 3 – SPECIAL? OFFERING – Hypnotic Reiki Healing/Spirit Messaging Session with Bob McGrath ?Using the combined power of Hypnotherapy and light touch Reiki healing, these 45 minute sessions on massage table in our new private Reiki Room will quickly take you to a deeply relaxed alpha state which is especially conducive to both physical and emotional healing.? The Universal Life Force energy of Reiki is used to clear blockages from the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras, during which time the practitioner often receives messages from Spirit to be shared with the client for further healing and growth. Only 5 of these 45 minute sessions are available at the Fair.? Reservations Required.? Must reserve appointment time by calling? 518 477-6566.? Cost: $62. ?3:00-8:00PM.

Every Friday – October 5, 12, 19, 26 – Psychic/Spirit Communication Message Circle – Every Friday Circle includes Psychic mediums to “tune in to” the spirit energy in our Circles and give psychic mini-readings to all who attend. You may receive a message from a departed loved one or a psychic message of insight and inspiration. Also, you will learn firsthand how to connect with your own intuition and psychic ability as we share psychic messages and impressions for each attendee…and you get to enjoy the relaxation and de-stressing of guided meditations. (For entertainment only!). Cost: $15. Walk-ins always welcome! ?7:00-9:30PM.

Friday, October 5 – FREE – Reiki Session with PAID admission to Healing Meditation & Psychic Message Circle!? Reiki is an ancient relaxation technique, which reduces stress and promotes healing by balancing the body?s energy system. Reiki can be the perfect complementary therapy for many issues you may be experiencing.? Reiki practitioners work to bring relaxation, balance and rejuvenation, which helps to relieve stress, bringing renewed wellness to body/mind/spirit.? To enjoy your FREE session, please arrive @ 6PM to take advantage of our Reiki Healing Bonus.? Walk-ins always welcome! 6:00-6:45PM.

Every Second Monday – Monday, October 8 – Enjoy a 30 Minute Reiki / Therapuetice Touch Healing Sessions for Only $15! ?This is open to anyone wishing to receive an Energy Healing Session with a Certified Healing/Energy Practitioner – including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Energy Exchange. Cost of Healing Session: $15 for 30 minute session.? Cost of Healing Session for Practitioner: $7 for 30 minute session. Reservations Required by noon on day of Program. 7:00-8:30PM.

Tuesday, October 9 – Quit Smoking with Hypnosis- Guaranteed!? In just a little over 2 relaxing hours, you can join the thousands who have comfortably & naturally stopped smoking with Hypnosis & you can SAVE more than $3,000 per year if you currently smoke just one pack a day! It?s easy, safe, effortless & GUARANTEED!? Facilitator: Margaret Kaufman, Certified Hypnotist, American Smoking Cessation Facilitator. Cost: $80 if Pre-paid by Wed. 10/3 at ?or @ After 10/4 cost is $88. Your fee includes FREE Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD & other support materials and your ability to return any time (6 months or 6 years later) for FREE reinforcement. 6:30-9:00PM.

Wednesday, October 10 – GHOSTS & SPIRITS Learn what they are and the difference!! It?s October…the time of Ghosts, Spirits & Hauntings! You hear footsteps, tapping, your name or voices, doors or cupboards opening or closing. You feel a wave of coldness, that something just touched you, that you are being watched. You see a glowing mist, an odd light, a dark shadow, a face, an outline, something out of the corner of your eye. What is it? Is it just your imagination or is there something much more here? No, it is not your imagination. You are being visited. And you need to know by whom and what it means. Learn how to help them go home!? You are not alone….We Never Are!? Facilitator: Fr. Billy Clark.? Cost: FREE!? RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED 6:30-8.30PM.

Saturday, October 13 – Reiki Level I Training Course – Learn and become attuned to the healing life force energy known by the Japanese word Reiki. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that energy can be channeled by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the recipient?s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Upon completion, students will be certified as a Level I Reiki Practitioner with basic Reiki skills enabling them to perform Reiki on themselves and others. Teacher: Bonnie Dlugolecki – owner of Natural Focus Healing Arts, Certified Master Teacher in both Usui and Karuna ?Reiki, Master Practitioner of Komyo ReikiDo. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!? Cost: $175 ?if Prepaid @ by Wed. 10/10 . ?After 10/10 cost is $195. 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Wednesday October 17- Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation – Enjoy healing tones and harmonious sensations of the Alchemy Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls with Meditation. The sound of the Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls resonates throughout the room –?? creating rich, textural sounds that may bring forth physical, emotional, spiritual sensations of clearing, cleansing, insight & awareness?that can help clear your body/mind/spirit of negative energy that can move you toward a sense of balance and clarity. You may also experience a feeling of decompression, calm and ease that can help you return to your daily life… refreshed and renewed!? Please bring yoga mat, blanket, and pillow if you?d like to lay down during the session. Chairs are provided. Facilitator:??? Danielle Selleck.? RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Cost: $20 if Prepaid @ by Mon. 10/15, after 10/15 Cost is $24.? 6:30 -7:45 PM.

Thursday, October 18 – Chanting: Accessing the Treasures of the Universe – Experience ancient chants from Eastern and Western traditions, including mystical Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian practices.? Ancient cultures knew how to use sacred chants, also called mantras, to transform problems, achieve dreams and desires, & live in state of?? happiness. ?Partial list of ?what will be covered:?? Use ?seed sounds? to reach higher states of consciousness.? A big helper for those doing healing, mediumship? or any other form of light work / The correct use Mala beads to create results / A chant to move from illness and disease to good health / Chant to break through all financial obstacles, including debt, job loss, poverty, etc.? It always works! / Release anxiety, depression and other emotional blocks / Send healing and peace to yourself and others / A chant for balancing the chakras.? Facilitator: Angel Messenger?? George Koury. NOTE: Optional, bring a set of Mala beads with you to class. They are a circle of 108 beads, widely available.? Cost:? $24 if? Prepaid @ by Tues. 10/16? after 10/16 Cost ?is $28. ?6:00-9:00PM.

Thursday, October 25 – Power Attunements:? 7 ?Treasures? for Mastering the Art of Living – Learn a simple Spiritual Processes? that can shift you into this higher level of being – 1st Treasure: ?The Gift?/ 2nd Treasure: ?Engaging Your Spirit?/3rd Treasure: ?Cultivating New Frequencies??/4th Treasure: ?Weaving your Destiny/5th Treasure: ?The Gift of Challenge?/6th Treasure: ?Engaging Your Spiritual Helpers?/7th Treasure: ?Sharing the Gift? .All the teachings in this workshop are tried, true and? powerful. Explore unlimited potentials you possess but may have never known existed. Facilitator: Adam Bernstein – Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach with an international following.?Cost: $37 if Prepaid @ by Tues. 10/23? or? $42 after 10/23. 6:00-9:00PM

Every Fourth Friday, October 26 – Spend An Evening with Your Angels.? Angel Meditation and Angel? Message Circle. We are all surrounded by Guardian Angels. Learn to recognize your own guardian angels & how you can begin or enhance a real and personal relationship with your angels so that you can feel their presence in your everyday life.? Angel Meditation will be followed by our Meditation and Angel/Spirit/Psychic Message Circle. Cost: $15. Walk-ins always welcome! ?7:00-9:30PM.

Every Fourth Sunday, October 28 – FREE Prayer Circle -The Power of Prayer Can Move Mountains, Work Miracles, Achieve Serenity and Give You Strength – With Fr. Billy Clark, Denise Tally and Patrick Clark. Prayer is a universal way for you to connect to your soul and communicate with a higher power.? Whether you are new to the ways of prayer or perhaps you pray daily / or you might have prayed as a child, but may have gradually lost the habit / or maybe you feel your prayers are never answered. This Prayer group is open to all religions & spiritual backgrounds. Come join us as we explore the power of coming together to Pray to ask for help, guidance, health, healing and to receive answers. FREE!? RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED, BUT NOT NECESSARY! For More Information: Please Call Denise at 518 339-8386. 1:00PM.

Tuesday, October 30 – Halloween Red Light S?ance & Manifestation of Spirits – The Red Light Seance demonstrates spirit manifestation and how the imagination can be used as the doorway to contact spirit. Each participant will be given the opportunity to be the focus of the red light to allow spirit to manifest around them and receive messages from the Spirit that joined them. This Red Light Seance will help: 1) empower your ability to see and sense spirit guides and loved ones, receiving messages from them;? 2) open the power of your intuition and understanding to new possibilities & ?3) enhance your Spiritual and Psychic gifts by giving you a process to help you make spirit contact.? Moderator: Rev. Thomas Kearns. Cost: $22? if Prepaid @ by Sun. 10/28, after 10/28? Cost is $26 . 7:00-9:30PM .


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