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A Time of Transition / A Time to Change Helms

Dear Venture Inward Family, Friends, and Community,                                             

The last several weeks…which is now becoming months…has, indeed, been an interesting, challenging, uncertain, transformative  journey for each one of us in countless and immeasurable ways.  Having said that, after nearly 30 years and with much meditation, soul searching, contemplation, family input and advice, I have been guided by the Universe to bring to a close the wonderful /wonder-filled Venture Inward chapter in my life. 

I have, therefore, decided that now is the appropriate time for me to step down from the helm of Venture Inward.  As bittersweet as this decision is, it is the right one and the right time for me. And although I will no longer serve as VI director, I hope and believe that a pathway is open to ensure the continuation of VI’s mission of bringing together like-minded spiritual travelers and seekers.

Over the past thirty years, Venture Inward has been blessed with the remarkable opportunity of being a haven that has attracted so many incredible, amazing and devoted folk just like you interested in spiritual development, introspection, mindfulness, personal growth & expansion, alternative & holistic healing and so much more.  I will be eternally grateful to have had the honor to have crossed paths with so many gifted, talented, kind, compassionate, caring soul travelers who have helped make our little corner of the Universe a better place.

How fabulous it would be if Venture Inward could carry on as a refuge, retreat and gathering place during these very unique, different and challenging times ahead by continuing to offer the same or similar offerings of an array of meditation, classes, lectures, special programs, and therapeutic techniques!  Perhaps YOU are the person (or know of a person) who could make that happen, someone who would lead Venture Inward through a fourth decade of discovery, reflection, and personal growth! 

If you might be interested in exploring various options and opportunities available to “transfer” the leadership/ ownership/ management so you can be the one to continue providing the Spirit of Venture Inward outreach to a community of more than 4,000 like-minded people that is…now more than ever…in need of a Center that provides light, love, hope, community, comfort, camaraderie, growth, expansion, support and even fun and good times…just as VI has done for the past 30 years…please contact Marge at  or 518 477-6566. 

I look forward to the next time we might meet again whenever & wherever we are brought together.  Until then, and always, I wish all of you much health, happiness, prosperity, safety as we all navigate thru these transformative times.                                                                                

With much and continuing lovelightlaughter, Marge Kaufman, Founder/Director of Venture Inward

***  Venture Inward would very much like to compile a collection of personal stories, anecdotes, and impressions from our Venture Inward family and friends that would be included in a “Venture Inward Inspiration Book.”  If you would like to share your thoughts about your VI experiences, how the program has helped your spiritual growth and the friendships you’ve developed with like-minded VI members, VI would love to hear from you! Please e-mail your stories and comments to me at  With much love and appreciation for all you are and have been to Venture Inward for without YOU, we would not have made it this far…more than a quarter century!  Thank you!

 If  you haven’t had the opportunity to view/listen to an incredibly beautiful, moving,  uplifting  coronavirus  healing meditation by Rev. Tom Kearns, here is the link:  You may have to copy and paste it or you can search on YouTube – Coronavirus Prayer for Hope & Spiritual Healing